Accelerating the future of retail

Retailers must take steps toward a frictionless future by transforming in-store experiences to create sustainable business growth and realize value at each step along the journey. With the constant need to improve the customer experience, increase agility, scale continuously and accelerate commerce, it is imperative for retailers to adopt a microservices approach to stay ahead of the changing retail landscape.

The Toshiba Elera Commerce Platform is a cloud-based retail platform designed for faster speed to market and innovation. The platform accELERAtes commerce, innovation, solutions, and a path towards a more frictionless future by:

  • Removing dependencies on proprietary legacy hardware and software
  • Conforming to retailers architectural principles with fully RESTful and Stateless Microservices
  • Leveraging modern technologies optimized for cloud, mobile, and DevOps technologies
  • Enabling seamless omnichannel through shared services across the store and Digital
  • Enabling Retailers to control their own plans independent of vendor constraints

A platform that helps retailers build new experiences, Elera is accelerating retail to a frictionless future

A commerce platform designed for the future of retail

Data Solutions

Retail Microservices

IoT and Touchpoints

End-to-end data solution from data collection, storage, transformation to analysis and insights generation

Microservices based architecture where each service is deployable independently or as a group

Toshiba’s or 3rd party IoT and touchpoints attached to the platform through rich API layer

Together, these three pillars create a commerce platform that delivers:







Learn how the Elera Commerce Platform will transform retail for the future

Enable. Equip. Resolve 

Advanced and complete retail solution to protect your system investment. The Toshiba Professional Services organization is dedicated to equipping retailers with innovative tools and technology to make every dollar count. 

  • Software configurations and enhancements that unleash the value of your retail solution
  • Enterprise and store systems integration to help you achieve a frictionless checkout experience
  • Technical support services with tailored software support plans

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